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If you own or run a cafe that brews specialty coffee, you probably pay alot of attention to your brewing methods. There are several dominating makes of coffee brewers. These include Curtis, Bunn, Aquabrew, Bloomfield, Mr. Coffee and many many more. One of these brewers stands above the rest. Curtis has been advancing coffee brewing technology for many years. Furthermore, they embrace the standards as set for in the SCAA Golden Cup brewing guidelines.

The Curtis brewer features the option of a much larger basket to hold your filter of ground coffee. This basket is called the gourmet basket, and it is designed to hold more ground coffee than the average basket. This is because in order to properly brew coffee, the ratio of ground coffee to water must be perfect. Most brewers allow for 2.75 ounces of ground coffee, which is typically used to brew 64 ounces of coffee. However, the guidelines as set forth by the SCAA require approximately 3.75 ounces of ground coffee to brew 64 ounces of the fine beverage. When tasting both methods, the difference is very clear.

The Curtis line of specialty brewers allow the brewmaster to program ‘brew profiles‘ to find the perfect, magical point at which any given coffee is at its peak flavour. A far cry from brewers of the past that allowed you to put ground coffee in a filter, press a button and have a hot beverage in a few minutes. Further features include pulse brewing, which allows the ground coffee to have an initial soaking in order to begin swelling and become prepared to release all of those great essential oils locked inside the bean.

After using the Curtis brewers for well over a year now, I would be hard pressed to turn around and begin using one of the outdated, and frankly, behind the times brewers for my roasts of specialty coffee.

You can find more information about Curtis specialty coffee brewers and their other fine cafe products at: Wilbur Curtis Co.

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